April, May and June, 2002

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Pics and Comments

April 7, 2002

We had our second round of auditions in Watertown at the CTS Studios. After the auditions, owners Matt and Peggy posed with us in front of the studio.

Kimberly and Stacy couldn't resist the opportunity to "glam" in front of their door!

Stacy's Mom, Diane, helped out on our panel of judges.

Amanda, Kimberly & Stacy had fun "bedazzling" our new patriotic shirts!

April 14, 2002

Sunday, April 14th we were honored to perform for our CT AMVETS Because We Care Day at Rocky Hill VA Hospital.

We had a great time seeing all of our old friends like Al and Pat Duff, Ed Bissonette, Rod Bissonette, Donna and Frank and many more! Richie Duff started out with his black belt karate demonstration. Amanda started our show with the National Anthem.
We were able to perform many group numbers as well as solos.

Amanda, Stacy and Kimberly donned their service jackets, which were donated to Kimberly by our Veteran Friends, and sang the Andrew Sisters Medley.
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy!

Our newest members, Christi and Joyce, performed solos. Christi, fresh off a run of Hello Dolly in the lead role of Dolly Levi, performed a number from the show. Joyce sang Celine Dion's Power of Love.

Our Jr. Glory Girls, Carolyn and Chelsea were not to be outdone! We promised them a Valentine and they got it - when Carolyn performed a song with that same title.
Chelsea sang Colors of the Wind from Pocohantas.

The show ended with God Bless the U.S.A. L-R: Chelsea, Kimberly, Amanda, Carolyn, Jenn, Joyce, Stacy and Amanda.

Amanda's Grandfather is Eugene Migliaro - former Mayor of Wolcott and champion of Veterans Affairs. He is the Commissioner for the Department of Veterans Affairs for Connecticut. He honored us with his presence and his praise. We were most pleased and honored to receive plaques from Mr. Migliaro.

April 21, 2002

We next performed at the MS Walkathon at the West Hartford UCONN Campus.

We had the honor of meeting some of the Lady Huskies National Champion Basketball Team after they cut the ribbon to start the walk!
Stacy started everything off by singing the National Anthem. We performed while everyone came back from their walk. Country 92.5 and lots of other businesses participated in this great charity event. We were very happy to be part of such a great cause.

We had time for one more pose at the end of our show. Many thanks to all that supported the walk for charity!

April 28, 2002

The Glory Girls came to Stamford to support Kimberly as she participated in the CT American United States Pageant where she garnered the top spot of 1st Runner-Up!

L-R: Erica, Stacy, Joyce, Kimberly, Amanda & Jennifer.

May 9, 2002

We performed the National Anthem at the Norwich Navigators baseball game.

We had a great time and posed with the "Navigator Tater" mascot after we sang.

We also had fun clowning around after the game!

L-R: Stacy - Jenn


L-R: Kimberly - Amanda

We say goodbye to Tater and Dodd Stadium.

May 18, 2002

Saturday, May 18th, we visited the Seniors at Wolcott View Manor for a day of fun.

They were great fun...

...and they enjoyed singing along...

...to our medleys of hits.

They especially enjoyed the performance by our Jr. Glory Girl, Chelsea.

It was a day of fun for everyone and we hope to be back there soon!

Memorial Day Weekend, 2002

Memorial Day Weekend was incredibly exciting and busy for us!

Sunday, we started out in the Waterbury Memorial Day Parade. Our guys - Stacy's Dad, Mike, our friend Joe and Kimberly's beau, David! We're also pose with our handiwork!

Our sponsors, Durable Companies, loaned a flatbed to us so that we could sing during the parade.

Posing with our new signs!
Christi's little brother, Bobby and younger sister Julie, both came to the parade. Our Jrs., Carolyn and Chelsea also joined us for the parade. Stacy's Dad, Mike, drove the lead car decorated with our signs. Kimberly's beau, David, drove the flatbed and their friend Joe came out to help!

Helicopter Salute!
Monday was a little busier for us! We started out in the morning in the Watertown parade.

It was a well attended parade and we were proud to be a part of it.

As soon as we finished, we headed north to Morris and participated in the afternoon parade.
After a quick break and lunch, we drove to Wolcott for their parade.

Joined by the Juniors and family members: Front L-R: Bobby & "Patriot" Paul; Middle L-R: Joyce, Chelsea, Tonya, Julie and Rachel; Back L-R: Amanda, Stacy, Kimberly, Carolyn and Christi.

Chelsea in the sequined flag hat!

It was a very large parade and we were very proud to be part of a longstanding tradition!

Amanda's Grandfather, Eugene Migliaro, Jr., Commissioner of the Department of Veterans Affairs, was the Grand Marshall.

June 1, 2002

Stacy, Kimberly and Jr. Glory Girls, Carolyn and Emily headed to Stratford for the Stratford Day celebrations!

Stacy, Carolyn, Emily, Amaryllis, Kimberly and Christina

Stacy sings "Take Me Back To Manhattan." Stacy and Kimberly performed a few group numbers.

Carolyn sang a couple of solos.
Emily wasn't able to do her gymnastics routine, but she did talk to the crowd.

Stacy and Kimberly soon found out they had a new star! She was dancing along during the whole medley!

June 3, 2002

Stacy, Kimberly, Jenn and Amanda entertain the Seniors at Mt. Carmel church in Waterbury.

They enjoyed the Andrew Sisters medley by clapping and singing along.

June 8, 2002

Kimberly, Amanda, Christi and Jenn were joined by Jrs. Carolyn and Sherry for the Relay For Life Cancer Walk in Waterbury.

It was a very moving experience and an honor to sing for the cancer survivors.

Our favorite sponsors, Durable Companies, also sponsored the walk!

June 12, 2002

We made the trek to New York to the famous Apollo Theatre to support Joyce as she performed live on stage!
We were very proud of her and happy to rub the "lucky stump" for good luck!

Joyce on stage at the Apollo!

June 14, 2002

Clowning around!
A presentation of an award for our service by our AMVET friends. Clowning around and singing Big Spender to the outgoing Commander.
Salute to the military medley and God Bless the U.S.A.

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