October, November and December, 2002

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Pics and Comments

October 15, 2002

We helped out with a fundraiser at Seven Angels Theatre for Sergio Longo. He was running for State Representative from Waterbury. We had great fun and even participated in a trivia show!
Longo Fundraiser Longo Fundraiser Longo Fundraiser Longo Fundraiser

November 10, 2002

We celebrated Veteran's Day at Rocky Hill VA on Sunday, November 10th. We were excited to be able to be back there.

Christi, Debbie, Kimberly and Stacy were joined by the Jr. Glory Girls: Carolyn, Chelsea, and Emily.
Christi's little sister, Julie, danced and Tonya, Chelsea's little sister, played Happy Birthday on the violin for the Veterans, which included one that is 99!

November 11, 2002

We also helped Naugatuck celebrate their Veterans with a parade followed by a ceremony on the green and a performance by us.

Many thanks to our sponsors, Durable Companies, for letting us ride in their H2 Hummer.

November 16, 2002

We stopped in to get new costumes from our great friend, Tom Prete, of The Dancer's Shop in New Haven.

December 9, 2002

We were so happy to be invited to Wolcott by the Junior Women's League to perform at their Christmas Dinner.

We're happy to sing, dance and bring Holiday Cheer!

December 14, 2002

On the way to the West Haven VA Hospital, we stopped to record a message for "Message From America" sponsored by Circuit City. They were making videos to send to our troops overseas.

We arrive at West Haven to bring holiday cheer!

December 15, 2002

The next day, we go to the Rocky Hill VA Hospital to help our AMVET friends hand out some gifts to the Veterans. We visit and then we perform.

That evening, we supported Stacy as she auditioned for "Nashville Star" at Cadillac Ranch.

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