July through December, 2007

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July, 2007

Mrs. International Pageant
In July, Kimberly represented Connecticut at the Mrs. International Pageant in Chicago. This pageant is a platform based pageant and Kimberly's 17 years of volunteer work for the Veterans and active duty military is her platform along with developing an "Adopt-A-Veteran" program. That's Kimberly directly to the left of Mrs. International.
Although she didn't return home with the international crown, she was able to spread her message about supporting our Veterans and made many new friends.

August 11, 2007

Fundraiser for Father McGivney building - August 11, 2007
We were happy to perform for a lot of our old friends for the Father Michael J. McGivney building fundraiser on August 11th. We had a great time and here is Jillian wowing the crowd with a broadway tune. The ironic part is, one of our former Jr. Glory Girls, Sherry, was home from college and was performing at the show as well! We were very happy to see her and she was soon off to Pennsylvania again!

September 6, 2007

Mattatuck Museum - September 6, 2007
We were invited to be a part of the festivities surrounding Ken Burn's premeire of his WWII documentary at the Palace Theatre. We performed for First Thursday at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury. It was a fun show and we were happy to spread the good cheer!

September 28, 2007

DAR show - September 28, 2007
We were so honored to perform for the 115th Annual Daughters of the American Revolution State Fall Meeting. Their theme was "Salute To Our Troops" at the Hartford Marriott.

November 11, 2007

NYC Veterans Day Parade - November 11, 2007
NYC Veterans Day Parade - November 11, 2007
We were so excited to once again be back in New York City for the HUGE Veterans Day Parade and to have Stacy back for a show! Thanks to the United War Veterans Council.
The morning started out for us at Gracie Mansion for the Mayor's Breakfast. We were able to have our photo taken with the Mayor and meet with other visiting dignitaries.
NYC Veterans Day Parade - November 11, 2007
NYC Veterans Day Parade - November 11, 2007
Afterwards, we made our way downtown to get our float ready for the parade!
The parade was very exciting and we were featured on the Mike Handy float. Mr. Handy was the former New York Veterans Affairs Commissioner and was well liked by all. His widow was on the float with us along with the Purple Heart recipients. We brought along Mrs. North East U.S. Earth, Laurye Natale and Stacy's dad Mike was back with us to help us run the show!

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