The Glory Girls

Current Members:

The Glory Girls' founding members are Kimberly and Stacy. Together, their combined talents span singing, dancing, theatre and much more.

They also had the honor of touring overseas together in another group that was sponsored by the Department of Defense Armed Forces Entertainment Office. Kimberly toured six times to over twelve countries and Stacy toured twice to over seven countries as part of a song and dance group performing for our Servicewomen, Servicemen and their families.

They both felt that their talents could be used again and formed a new group to perform in and around Connecticut.

When at home, they also volunteer their time for many Veterans and Veterans organizations, performing at many VA Hospitals and parades, for the State and National AMVETS Commander's Dinners as well as many senior centers.

In March, 2007, Jillian joined our group. In September, 2007, we added another member Amy. We are proud to welcome our two newest members!

Please welcome all of our Glory Girls as they entertain you with song and dance!

Former Members:

In 2002, we had three rounds of auditions: February, April and August.

In April, we added Christi. She has been singing, dancing and acting for many years.

In August, 2002, we added some new guest performers, Jr. Glory Girls and one new member, Debbie. She has been singing, dancing, acting and modeling for many years and we welcome her to our group!

Back Row: Debbie and Christi

Front Row: Stacy and Kimberly

Also from August, 2002, we had added Carolyn as a Jr. Glory Girl. Because of her dedication, in 2005, she became a Glory Girl!

From February, 2002 auditions, we had added Amanda and Jennifer and from April, 2002, we had added Joyce.

But, this fall, they returned to college and we wish all of them well!

Back Row: Amanda

Middle Row: Jenn and Christi

Front Row: Joyce, Kimberly and Stacy

We also will be featuring from time to time some talented Special Guest Performers and Junior Glory Girls to our line-up. They vary in their talents and are a terrific addition to our shows.

If you are interested in auditioning, please call:
Kimberly at (203) 704-0450.

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